Android's Social APIs

Slides from my talk on "Android's Social APIs", presented at GDG DevFest West earlier today.

Android compatibility made easy

Backwards compatibility. If you’re an application developer these words can send chills down your spine. You want to take advantage of the newest features available as your platform evolves, but you don’t want to abandon users running older OS versions. At best, this means extra work; at worst, maintaining entirely different codebases. If you’re an Android developer, here’s how to keep that extra work to a minimum.

The Google+ Brain Transplant

The tale of transferring my Google+ identity from one account to another. Yes, it can be done, at a cost.

What Killed The Linux Desktop: An Outsider's Perspective

There's been a lot of discussion recently over a post from Miguel de Icaza on "What Killed The Linux Desktop". This is my take on the issue as someone outside the Linux development circle.


After many years of terrible procrastination, I finally sat down and decided to publish a blog.